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Blake's Story:

Blake married Ross Marler in 1994. They were a semi-happy couple until Amanda Spaulding came back to town and tried to win Ross back. Convinced their marriage was over after Blake saw Ross kissing Amanda at the Bauer cabin, she went to a bar and got drunk. Rick Bauer was there and he went back to Blake's. They were both drunk and upset over there love lives so they slept together. Ross came home and found Rick in his bathroom. He didn't think anything of it and he and Blake reconciled, making love in the shower. Blake found out she was pregnant with twins. Onee Ross' and one Rick's. She kept it a secret with the help of her good friend Annie Dutton. When Annie needed Blake's help and Blake refused, Annie started to blackmail Blake. She threatened to tell Ross that one of the boys was Rick's. So Blake gave into Annie's demands. She went through Ross' files at the office and found out stuff for Annie, about Reva and her long lost sister. After that Annie and Blake were never friends. And at Reva's trial for killing Annie's baby, Blake told the truth about what Annie made her do. Causing Annie to lose the trial and Josh. Annie still held something over Blakes head that Blake didn't know about. So when Annie needed money she sold Ben Warren her secret about Blake. It turned out that both boys were Ross' and Blake and Ross went through all that for nothing. But in my opinion, down the road were going to find out one of the boys is Rick's. But not the one that they thought was in the first place. Annie's ultimate revenage over Blake is yet to come!

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