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Alan's Story

Alan turned to his physical therapist, Annie Lewis, for revenge against Reva. He tormented Annie with the idea that Josh and Reva still had feelings for each other, and she turned more and more to drugs. As Josh and Reva grew closer, so did Annie and Alan. He helped her try to keep Josh by scheming to keep Josh and Reva apart, but eventually he found himself falling in love with Annie. At Reva's trial for the murder of Annie's baby, Fran showed up and cleared Reva of the charges. Annie was furious when she discovered that Alan had paid Fran to testify, but she forgave him when he told her he loved her. Annie's obsession with Josh spiralled out of control and eventually Alan threw her out of the Spaulding mansion. She got drunk and destroyed Cross Creek. Alan came to get her and proposed, and after some convincing she began making elaborate wedding plans. At their wedding, however, Annie's first husband, to whom she was still married, showed up. That was the last straw for Alan and he turned his back on her for good. Or did he? After coming to his senses, Alan realized he still loved Annie. But by that time she was gone. Alan wanted Annie back so bad he even hired Michael Burke and Vicky Brandon, to clone Annie. But Michael had a change of conscience and he blew up the Spualding lab and all the cloning info Alan needed to have Annie cloned. So after that Alan had detectives looking for Annie. Annie being the fox that she is, she managed to not be found. But she did contact Alan by email serveral times. Telling him she might come back and that she'd need money to do it. Evenually Annie came back, (as Teri DeMarco) but Alan didn't know. Alan Evenually found out Teri was Annie and now they are back together. (but hopefully not for long)

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