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Annie Dutton

Annie Dutton started out as a pretty nice person. She came to Springfield as a cute, nurse working at Cedars. While living in Chicago she was briefly married to Rick Bauer, but her first ex-husband and her drinking problem drove them apart. She meet Josh Lewis while on duty at the hospital one day. They became involved and then they were engaged. Annie was once an alcoholic and she also had some problems with stealing drugs from the hospital. Lillian Raines caught her and fired her. But Josh still loved her and he still wanted to marry her. On Josh and Annie's wedding day, Reva came back into town. Reva was Josh's wife, but she died. Apparently she didn't really die, but everybody thought she was dead. Anyways, after Reva came back, Annie went from good to bad. The person who helped Annie after Reva came back was Alan Spaulding. Annie went to work for Alan as his private physical therapist. The rest of Annie's story can be found by following the links below. Look around my Annie Dutton site to see who she is and what's she's done. I hope you enjoy! And I hope you will sign my guest book to let me know your comments. Thanks!

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Cynthia Watros As Annie