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A few months after losing her baby and after the trial, Annie decided to find Reva's real sister, Cassie Layne. Cassie was found in Chicago, working at a strip joint. Annie hired Cassie to seduce first Billy then Josh so that Alan could steal Lewis Oil while the brothers were at odds over Cassie. Cassie didn't want to do it, but Annie and Alan had her daughter so she had to. Reva caught her in bed with a drugged Josh. At first Reva was pissed, then Cassie told her the truth about working for Annie. Then they realized that the reason Annie choose Cassie to come between Josh and Billy was because Cassie was really Reva's sister. So if it wasn't for Annie, Reva would have never found her long-lost sister.

Annie and Reva

To keep Reva away from Josh, she Annie pretended to be Reva's long-lost sister. Her helper in doing so, was Alan. Because at that time Annie and Josh were still married. At first Reva believed Annie, but then she figured it out. She went to Annie, and they got into it again, causing Annie to miscarry her baby.

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