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Annie's Unborn Baby!

Below is a picture of what Annie's baby would have looked like! Annie had herself artifically inseminated with the help of her old friend Fran, who worked at a fertility clinic. The reason for wanting to get pregnant was so Annie could keep Josh, because Reva was trying to steel him back. But Annie lost the baby after having an arguement with Reva. When the doctor told Annie that the baby had died she was devastated. Alan was with her at the doctor, so she had him take her home. The baby still in her! Two nights later at Amanda Spauldings party Annie got Reva to the top of a flight of stairs and then Annie made a scene and through herself back, down the staris. Making it look like Reva pushed her. (Picture to the left) She was rushed to the hosipital were the baby was taken out. Later on the fetis of the baby disappeared. The baby's remains were never found. Annie suffered an infection due to the whole thing and she can no longer have kids. All because of Reva Shayne.

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