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Dinah's Story:

Dinah and Annie parried up last winter. Annie gave Dinah the idea of throughing Hart a surprise Birthday party. At the party Dinah planned to marry Hart. With the help of Blake, Cassie and Reva stopped the wedding. Hart broke up with Dinah and went to Cassie. After Annie left town Dinah sprang Cassie's ex-husband Rob Layne from the halfway house in Chicago where he was doing time and brought him to Springfield to win Cassie back away from Hart. That didn't work so she slept with Rob, got preganent, and told Hart the Baby was his.

Cassie's Story:

Cassie Layne, portrayed by Laura Wright, arrived in Springfield last year. Brought to town by Alan and Annie, she had no idea she was really Reva's long-lost sister. Annie told her that Reva had done all sorts of horrible things, then they sent her off to work for Lewis Oil and seduce first Billy, then Josh. Of course the Lewises took an instant liking to Cassie and took her in, causing her to feel tremendous remorse over helping Annie and Alan. Still, she kept with the plan because she was sure it was the only way she'd ever see her daughter Tammy again. Hart caught Cassie stealing from the Lewis safe one night. He forced her to tell him about the plan Annie and Alan were forcing her to do. He then offered to help her get her daughter back. They were in Chicago posing as an engaged couple, all set to lie through their teeth to Tammy's social worker, when Dinah, who had been filled in on their plan by Annie, barged in and told the social worker Cassie was lying. Since then the two women have been at each other's throats. Forced to go through with Alan and Annie's plan after Hart took Dinah's side and abandoned her, Cassie was just about to climb into bed with a drugged Josh for the photographers when Reva walked in. She and Cassie had a struggle and Cassie saw that Reva had her cameo, the cameo which had belonged to Sarah and she'd pinned on her baby just before giving her up for adoption. Cassie and Reva realized they were sisters. Reva got in bed with Josh and when the photographers showed up Alan and Annie's plan was foiled. Annie wanted to raise Tammy because Cassie is a bad mother but Josh went to court and won custody of Tammy for Cassie, and now Cassie is busy getting to know her new family.

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