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Reva's Story

Reva went crazy due to postpartum depression from giving birth to Shayne. She drove her car into the ocean in Florida and was presumed dead. Josh, after years of searching for her, finally came back to Springfield and fell in love with Annie. When Reva appeared alive, Josh was so mad that he married Annie anyway. Finally they couldn't deny their feelings any longer and Josh left Annie. He was back with Reva until Annie left her to crash in an airplane over Florida. Before the plane crash Reva found her long-lost sister Cassie Layne. Josh searched for Reva after the plane crash for about five minutes before he went back to Springfiled to break the news to the family that Reva was dead. Michael cloned Reva and now he and Josh are chasing the teenage clone all over Springfield trying to get her to behave. The real Reva is alive and well and stranded on an island just off the coast of Florida.

Josh's Story

In 1995 he was injured in the 5th Street fire while saving Marina. While he was recovering at Cedars, he met nurse Annie Dutton and embarked on a fateful relationship. At first Annie was sweet and nice, exactly the kind of woman that Josh seemed to need. As soon as he started to get serious about her, however, he started seeing Reva everywhere. He tried to deny that her ghost was communicating with him, but when he tried to make love to Annie at Cross Creek, there she was. Finally he went back to Cross Creek by himself to have a showdown with Reva. Meanwhile, Annie turned out to be a recovering alcoholic, and competing with Reva's ghost was taking its toll on her. Reva eventually resurfaced as a real human in Goshen, Illinois. When she finally recovered her memory and returned to Springfield, Annie and Josh were just beginning a life together, and her kids were calling Annie "Mommy". Marah and Shayne basically rejected their real mother, and for the sake of her children Reva backed off from Josh and them. She briefly caroused around town with Alan once again, sleeping with him the night of the masquerade ball. She and Josh became embroiled in a bitter custody battle. Alan moved out because his reputation was hurting Reva's chances, and the judge ordered Annie to move out of Josh's when she found out that Annie had been involved in a drunk driving offense. Josh and Reva both went to Cross Creek to think, not realizing the other person would be there. They admitted their love to one another but then Josh fled when Reva kissed him, feeling guilty about Annie. Marah got confused and ran away to Reva's, which is when Reva realized that Marah really loved Annie and wanted her around. Reva married Buzz to convince Josh she'd lied about still loving him, and gave him custody of the kids. They denied their feelings for one another as long as they could, but finally they admitted that they were still in love. Annie, knowing her marriage was in danger, faked a pregnancy and meanwhile tried desperately to get pregnant for real. She finally resorted to a fertility clinic, getting pregnant at the eleventh hour by an anonymous donor. Josh told Reva he had to stay with her until the baby was born, but Reva didn't want to hurt Buzz anymore so she divorced him. Annie spiraled out of control, turning to drugs and alcohol to cope with the stress of Reva coming between her and Josh. She tried desperately to keep him, but lost the baby after an angry confrontation with Reva. Her new friend Alan took her to a clinic, but she lied and told him the baby was fine so she could exact revenge against Reva. At Amanda's engagement party Annie set Reva up so that it looked as though Reva had pushed her down the stairs, then accused Reva of murdering her unborn child. She went so far as to steal the miscarried remains from the morgue to cover up the fact that the baby had been dead for three days. Reva went on trial for the murder, but at the trial Alan betrayed Annie by bringing back Fran to testify against Annie. He did it to help Annie over her obsession with Josh, and she forgave him when he told her he loved her. Annie moved in with Alan, but she was far from done with Josh and Reva. Meanwhile, Josh, Reva and the kids moved into Reva's place to begin their lives together. They had to wait for his divorce from Annie to be final before they could legally marry, but they performed a private ceremony at Cross Creek for themselves and the kids. Annie tried whatever she could to get the kids and Josh back, going so far as to trash Cross Creek, but her ultimate evil plan was to find Reva's long-lost sister Cassie before Reva could discover her identity and use Cassie to come between Josh and Billy so she and Alan could steal Lewis. Of course it didn't work, and Reva and Cassie discovered in time that they are in fact sisters. Also during this time the death of the great Larry Gates, who portrayed H.B. Lewis for many years, was finally recognized on the show as H.B. died at Cross Creek (before Annie trashed it). Josh's divorce became final and Annie went ahead with plans to marry Alan and take over Lewis anyway with their combined stock But Reva found a piece of Annie's past. Reva discovered that Annie faked her own death in Chicago to escape a drug rap and that she was still legally married to Eddie Banks, making her marriages to Rick and Josh invalid. Annie escaped from jail and kidnapped Reva, forcing her onto a plane and leaving Reba to crash. Josh searched for Reva for about five minutes and then decided she was dead and went back to Springfield to tell the family. Before he got a chance to, however, Michael cloned Reva. Reva came back and now Josh has two of her. Dolly and Reva. Dolly then died.

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