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Annie And Alan's Wedding....Reva?

Below are Annie and Alan exchanging their vows. They were almost married until Reva ruined everything. Who is obsessed with Annie more? Alan or Reva? According to Reva she hates Annie but there also connected/bonded by this hate for each other. And according to Alan he loves her and needs her. So who will get her? Reva or Alan? Or will Annie get them first???

What Happened At The Wedding?

Annie and Alan's wedding, would have been perfect, but Reva found away to break it up. With Harley and Phillip's help, Reva found out that Annie was married in Chicago, to Eddie Banks. Eddie helped Annie steal drugs from the hospital where they worked "to pay for her mother's operation", or so she told him. When he got caught she faked her own death so he would take the rap for the drug charge. He went to jail mourning the loss of his beloved Annie, but when he found out from Reva that she was still alive, he signed an affidavit stating the truth about Annie and their still-legal marriage. Dinah nearly ruined things by burning the affidavit. But then at the last minute, Eddie showed up and stopped the wedding, telling everyone the truth about Annie. Alan was shocked and mad. Annie was arrested. She was due to be extridited to Ohio to face her drug charge. But her lawyer (hired by Dinah) worked out a way to keep her in Springfield. So she was in the Springfield jail until she escaped. With the help of Ben Warren, she made plans to leave town. But before leaving town she kidnapped Reva Shayne and chartered a private plane. She tied Reva up, told the pilot to jump (he had a parachute) and then she jumped out too. Reva and the plane went down.

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